Our Classes


Ballet is an integral part of dance. Whatever dance style a child chooses to undertake, ballet technique provides the foundation for that style. It offers all students training in body awareness, control, technique and postural considerations. We strongly encourage all students to participate in a minimum of one ballet class per week to strengthen their dance technique. We follow the RAD syllabus and recommend that students do two classes per week from the Primary level. Capable students who have taken two classes per week all year will be encouraged to sit for exams in the September-December session. Students must observe a strict dress code. Those students who do not sit their RAD exams will join in on our in-house Ballet examinations. In-house exams are a great way to show the improvement of our students over the year and give the students a sense of achievement.

Pointe Class

A ballet class for students in Major Grades only who wish to gain more experience on Pointe shoes. This class will go through Graded exercises as well other exercises to strengthen feet for further Pointe work.


An exploration of movement away from the centre line of ballet, using more athletic muscle control with catch and release dynamics and developing expressive techniques.


An expressive style of dance where choreography is designed to match the lyrics of the song to portray a story. It combines the techniques of Jazz and classical ballet and the music is often a ballad, melodic and slower than jazz.

Jazz (commercial)

This is a Jazz class where students will learn the latest dance moves and Jazz techniques using the most modern music. This style increases flexibility, coordination, fitness, rhythm and musicality. Styles from pop artists would include Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson. This is the style you will see most back up dancers perform.

Theatre Broadway Jazz

This is a Jazz class based on the ‘Theatre Jazz’ style which originated in Broadway musicals from the 1950’s and can be seen in Broadway shows from ‘Chicago’ and ‘Sweet Charity’ to the newer musicals ‘Fame’, ‘Wicked’ and the hit TV show ‘Smash’.

Triple Threat/Musical Theatre

An acting, singing and dance class working on excerpts from popular musicals. Students will learn to act and sing and be able to play a part.

Hip Hop

A style originating in New York City, it is a free, funky and soulful style which is constantly evolving and changing. You will see this style used by artists such as Neo, Kanye West and Beyoncé. This class includes aspects of popping, locking and acrobatic movement. It is a high strength and energy class. Anyone who loves the movie’s ‘Step up’ will enjoy these classes.

Glee Club

A group singing class with movement to song and dance steps with musical theatre aspects. Students work on vocal control, dance and performance. The students will briefly cover vocal technique including breathing and voice projection as well as some dance technique used during the instrumental dance breaks. Students will do a variety of styles from contemporary theatre to more Classic Broadway pieces.

Glenn Wood & Open Tap

We follow the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus, which is a new and funky way to tap unique to Australia. Students will learn from highly qualified teachers and sit for their exams in their class environment if the teacher thinks they are ready. Students will also rhythms and open exercises. As well as syllabus exercises (which form the foundation of tap) students will learn great routines like what you may see groups such as the ‘Tap Dogs’ do.

Baby Ballerinas

A pre ballet class, excellent for body awareness + posture with aspects of imaginary dance and the use of props. This is a great introduction to Ballet.

Mini Movers Jazz

A pre jazz class which offers students the opportunity to move and groove to the beat of the music. Learn easy dance steps and improve rhythm and confidence.

Hip Hop Hooray

A pre Hip Hop class which encourages the students to learn the basic steps required for Hip Hop and children can bop along to some great music.

Just Dance

A great taster class for younger students. The class is divided up into sections of Ballet, Jazz and Tap so students can experience a variety of dance styles in the one class.

Jazz Technique

A technical class focusing on stability, alignment, strength and flexibility. You will work on turns, kicks, jumps etc. This class does not involve concert work. I would strongly recommend this class a supplement for any Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary class.


A gymnastic based tumbling class great to increase strength and flexibility.